It’s a bird, its a plane, its a… poop?

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I admit it, I have very unique children as many of you have probably already noticed. With a mommy who finds patchouli sexy and names evrything most things, you really can’t be surprised don’t judge me. So when Pheobe started saying that she poops flowers I didn’t question her. I simply smiled at her as she showed me each and every ‘flower’ poop and pretended to agree with her that they did indeed resemble the shape of flowers. Even though the smell was far from that of flowers.


When we went to Maine to visit my parents a few months ago her poops suddenly turned into dinosaur poops. Again I didn’t question. She simply stated that when she was home she pooped flower poops and when she was at Nanni and Poppa’s she pooped dinosaur poops. It was a very simple concept that even a sleep deprived mommy could fathom. And so it’s been since New Years, flower poops and dinosaur poops. I’ve got this, I can handle this.

So imagine my surprise yet again when Pheobe came running out of the bathroom on Sunday full of excitement saying that she pooped a duck! “A duck?” I asked. “But Pheobe, you only poop flower poops at home.” Do not throw a wrench in my parenting abilities now. “No mommy….its a DUCK!” I was then whisked away by a 2 year old with her pants around her ankles back into the bathroom to see what in the world she was talking about. And sure as shit…there was a duck poop. Being the mommy who is overly proud of every little accomplishment my minions have, I promptly took a picture and sent it to everyone I knew. I think we have our next Christmas card.


4 thoughts on “It’s a bird, its a plane, its a… poop?

  1. Most people would be like “gross” but as a parent who has a ” been there, seen that” attitude… It does kinda look like a duck!


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