Heathens and Relationships

I love that Steve is such an independent person. He doesn’t need me to coddle him, or do things for him. He is very much a “I’ll do what I want, and I’ll do it on my own, thank you very much” kind of person. Also known as stubborn. I’m typically ok it, and let him do his thing, but the other day…well…I’m not ok with what he did. It broke my heart and caused me rivers of tears behind the closed bathroom door. I sat there with my pants around my ankles in disbelief. What he did was something I always thought happened in everyone else’s house, never mine. The horror of the situation is almost too much to handle, and has left me questioning the future of our relationship. I present to you, exhibit A:


For the past two years, Steve has been hiding the fact that he is a toilet paper heathen from me. His true self has reared it’s ugly head. This I cannot let slide. I will have to address this immediately so as to eliminate the likelihood of it happening again. Wish me luck.

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