Facebook Garage Sales

Let’s be honest, Facebook Garage Sales are the new Craigslist but without all the organization and chronological order, has very loose definitions of distance and the word “local” I don’t know about you, but 2 hours away isn’t “local”, even in New England terms, and only slightly less scary because you can actually see how many teeth the seller has BEFORE you meet them. And, just like Craigslist, you start to really see what our society is made of.

I’m sure it worked “fine” the last time he tried it…10 years ago. How much for punctuation?

Antique typewriter just $50! Every household needs one of these in case the power goes out and you have to finish that college essay…that you will later have to re-type on your computer because this thing doesn’t even have a USB.

Seriously, you couldn’t wait one more day to take a decent picture AFTER the fog cleared?

How much for Robin Wright? I so badly want to tickle her feet and steal her flowers.

Free and no photo means blood and semen stains. I wonder if he walks you into his basement politely or just throws you down the stairs.

That’s your opinion.

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