The Tiny People

There are two of them. I should have known that easy short labor would mean two complete tornadoes ruining running my house. Their sweetness trumps their evilness any day, but when they want to turn it up, they don’t hold back!

Theo is my sensitive emotional little boy who believes everything in the world should be black or white. He still believes in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, but can’t wrap his head around unicorns or pooping butterflies. His snuggles are the sweetest gift a mommy could ever ask for. Don’t tell his sister, but he’s my favorite.


Pheobe is my little devil who wears pig tails. Always instigating an argument but always the first one to smother you with kisses. She wants to be a unicorn that poops butterflies when she grows up, but doesn’t understand why her brother does not want to be the same thing. Don’t tell her brother, but she’s my favorite.

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