If you are one of the following people you may want to avoid this blog at all cost:

  • you want kids
  • bodily functions are taboo topics to you
  • you’re worried about what people think about you
  • you look down on ‘that’ mom in the grocery store
  • you’re super religious
  • you spend more than 30 min getting ready in the morning
  • you only own designer clothes
  • you don’t fart in public
  • you think being ‘popular’ is important
  • you don’t talk about sex in public
  • you find words like cunt and twat inappropriate
  • you have never thought of your kids as evil

***This blog may contain sensitive topics to certain people. It is not meant to offend anyone and by no means represents the opinions and/or beliefs of the people, other than myself, mentioned in different posts. Please understand that me saying things like: “this is why some mothers beat/eat/sell their children” does NOT mean that I will (or believe it is right to) beat/eat/sell my children. It is illegal and wrong. THIS BLOG IS MEANT FOR COMIC RELIEF ONLY!!! It is by NO MEANS meant to guide anyone through parenting.***

All names of people mentioned in this blog have been changed to protect the identity of those people.

All stories are based on actual events but may vary for comic relief and are not word for word. If you feel these posts are about you, I’m sorry. They weren’t meant to be. Take these stories as you will.

4 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. You just connected with me via IG (highfivesandcartwheels) – I read through your site and honestly, you kick ass. Hilarious, great attitude , and farts are awesome. Keep that shit up – the works needs more people like you 🙂


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