Divorced and Dancing

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It’s official, today the donor and I got divorced…finally. It’s only been over a year. I think its pretty safe to say that by this point the divorce was amicable. We danced a little jig on our way out of the courtroom. It’s hard to believe that I have just become an actual ‘divorce’. With legal paperwork to prove it! I’m almost pretty sure we had his lawyer and the judge a little confused by our antics as we snickered at each other from across the court room and laughed almost uncontrollably the entire time. We were a prime example of the giggle loop gone bad. (Warning: To know the giggle loop is to become part of the giggle loop)

And that’s how the “Vassiliou” chapter of my life ended. Laughing and dancing. Much like it started, just a lot more sober. Is it bad to say I don’t much remember the first few months of my relationship? Pre-marriage that is. So now I feel like I have to sit and reflect. Not really sure what on. In my opinion it really wasn’t a good marriage. We weren’t nice to each other. We fought the whole time. And we both always seemed to be looking for something more than what we were giving each other.

I should add that neither of our families liked the fact that we got married in the first place. My family didn’t like him because he’s a New Yorker …….an asshole…….full of shit……we’ll just leave it at they didn’t like him. His family didn’t like me because I’m a hippy……a bitch……believe in putting my kids in daycare……ok, they just didn’t like me either. All that can put a bit of a damper on a relationship. We also eloped. Oops. So yeah, we were obviously destined for divorce.

I do have to say this though, although I wanted to smash the donor in the head 90% of the time, we made some pretty awesome babies. Little hearts of gold like their mom with little hardcore attitudes like their dad. And they’re good looking on top of it! So at least the donor and I made one thing work…..twice. So everyone join me as we raise a glass and toast to the newest chapter of my life! May we all have the strength to live our lives the way we want and the ability to make it happen. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Divorced and Dancing

  1. Brandi: I’m not sure if “congratulations” are appropriate here 😉 so I’ll say good luck on your new journey! As that is what life is…a journey…a new path now and again…because there are bumps, rocks, ruts, mountains but many times green pastures where we can lie down and stare at the big blue sky and relax– and in your case, reflect! And yes, you have 2 beautiful creations from your marriage, so good came from it.

    (Sorry I’ve been MIA– I’ve been so busy! And my son is in basic training on top of it. I’ll be stopping by more…promise!)


  2. Two days ago was the 5 year anniversary of my divorce (officially). It took 9 months to complete. I had a trial with a judge and everything.

    I wrote something fictional based around it on my blog about a week ago. I didn;t have as much amicable feelings as you did.

    Of course my life is completely different now – great wife, great kids, great job. But for while, things sucked. I dont think about that time, but I also dont forget it either. It made me a better person for this woman and these kids I have now.

    Good luck and Happy Birthday


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