Mommy’s Toy Box

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I have a toy box at home, and no its not filled with army men and Barbies. It’s filled with mommy’s toys. Don’t judge me, you wish you had one too. I have a bit of an obsession some would say a problem with toys. Unfortunately it has taken me some time to build up my collection in resent years due to having children. I may do a lot of….unique….things as a parent, but you will never see me bringing them into a sex shop. And that includes when they were just wee and still attached to my boobs. This is part of the reason I have a toy box.

I discovered quite quickly that the drawers beneath the sink are NOT a good place to keep your vibrators when you have children. You know, just in case you were wondering. So a few months back I bought a toy box. I had visions of burning the words “Mommy’s Toy Box” in beautiful script on the top and then staining it with an antique cherry stain. I even picked out a delicate lock for the front. Probably something I should have put on the bathroon drawers. Stupid after thought. And that’s about where it stopped.

The toy box is still in it’s ‘raw’ form but filled with toys *yay* and the stain is collecting dust on the bottle under the kitchen sink. But I’m still gonna finish that box damn it! Even though it’s not like my sparkly purple vibrator cares if it’s in a fancy box or not. I need to expand my collection. Right now its pretty basic, run of the mill vibrators, beads, el toro my absolute favorite, a ‘clone’, lube in case of emergency, and a plug. But I need more!!! *evil laugh* Believe me when I say that if I could have my house decorated with falic art I would. Sex is good. Sex is great. Sex is healthy. And some toys are just really cool to look at.

On that note, I only have until February at the latest until the donor leaves. What does this mean you ask? It means that I only have two ‘early’ evenings a week and every other weekend until then to hit up as many sex shops as possible before then……lets see if my budget and batteries hold out that long.

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