What makes you a cunt: Taking back the word

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Ok ladies, its about time we finally took back the word cunt. I know there are plenty of you out there who agree with me because we’ve talked about it on several occasions. I’m sick of this fabulous little word having such a bad reputation. So I’m here to say that I am proud to be a cunt! Here’s what makes me a cunt:


So here’s your challenge, I want to know what makes you a cunt. Share it with me so I can share it with everyone here on my blog. Leave a comment or email me at mommyundressed@gmail.com

Don’t worry, I won’t use your name if you don’t want me to. Just let me see what makes you a cunt!

11 thoughts on “What makes you a cunt: Taking back the word

  1. I should have commented through my personal blog…don’t allow and send me whatever the hell i wrote and I will reply to your post again…:)


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