Cunt [kuhnt] noun

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Cunt [kuhnt]

-noun Slang: Vulgar

1. the vulva or vagina.

2. Disparaging and Offensive.

  • a woman.
  • a contemptible person.

3. sexual intercourse with a woman.

Origin: 1275-1325; Middle English cunte; cognate with Old Norse kunta, Old Frisian, Middle Low German, Middle Dutch kunte.

So there you go, that’s what the dictionary has to say about the word cunt…which I should add is one of my favorite words ever. Which in turn makes me a bit angry. Ok, I agree with the vulva or vagina part. Vagina, by the way, is not my favorite word. It makes lady bits sound like a war zone. Which they can be when the evil yeast decides to take over. But my lady bits aren’t a war zone, they’re far from it actually. I love my lady bits. I’ve been told many things about them. Some good. Others bad. Mostly good, but the bad helped to shape who I am what they are today.

My lady bits have been physically abused and taken advantage of by two different men and verbal abused for over a year by another. Not to mention all the damn yeast infections and a few bacterial vaginosis episodes that left me with some serious penis envy. Needless to say, they have not always had the best run of things. But that’s ok, all in all they have come out on top bringing more pleasure than despair to ‘several’ people other than myself. They have been fondled and poked. Rubbed and licked. By men and by women. Without getting too in depth I’m saving that for my first smut novel I’ll say that in a way, my lady bits have come to define me. And by define me I mean that I am a cunt. And this is why the part of the definition that says Disparaging and Offensive bothers me.

I curse like a sailor, burp, fart, feel weird crossing my legs while wearing a dress, and seriously lack the skills to apply makeup properly……BUT I am a woman. I love romantic gestures, walks on the beach, and fancy underwear even though I can never get them to match on a regular basis. So, to me, the word cunt fits me perfectly. I let it define me as follows:





Those four words sum me up perfectly. I think we all have a bit of cunt in us, and feel its time we took back the meaning! So I asked my readers what makes them a cunt. I was surprised by the responses, mainly because so many men came up with their own definitions which may or may not be my favorite ones of all.  And here is what I got!

From the ladies:

Crazy; Underestimated; Nocturnal; Tough

Chatty; Unbreakable; Neurotic; Thankful

Connoisseur; Unnerving; Nauseating; Thoughtful

Caring Underrated; Nostalgic; Thankful

Compassionate; Understanding Nice; Trustworthy

Clever; Uncommon; Neurotic; Tempting

And from the guys:

Cute; Unusual; Nostalgic; Timid

Clandestine; Undertaking; Notorious; Trickery-e

Creative; Unbelievable; Nicely neurotic; True

Curious; Unique; Nincompoop; Talented

So go ahead! Embrace your inner cunt and let everyone know it! I’m surrounded by wonderful cunts every day. Thank you all!

Reclaiming Cunt

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