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I admit the my parenting techniques can be a bit…..unusual. But that’s ok with me, and it seems to be working for my kids. Most parents aren’t perfect, we all know this. We all slip up every now and then and end up getting caught by our kids in some sort of ‘activity’ or have certain items, that are usually hidden, surface and get discovered by those exact same kids. I know that there are some houses that don’t have sex toys, pornographic movies, don’t have sex without the door locked, or don’t enjoy a drink while the kids are still awake. And you know what, other than the sex part because y’all are missing out on a good time I commend you for that. you have much more will power than I do to keep your sexuality under wraps.

As parents we all have those moments where we are convinced that the devil has possessed our children or had that fleeting urge to sell them on the black market because there is no way in hell that this creature shares any kind of genetics with you. If you say you’ve never had these moments you’re lying. This is all part of being a parent. And we all know that.

So what I’m looking for is your stories about the mishaps of parenting. If you are interested in guest blogging here on Mommy Undressed let me know and shoot me an email mommyundressed@gmail.com ! My readers and I want to know that we are not alone in the world of ‘bad parenting’.

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