Do Exactly As I Say

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My house only has one air conditioned room, the living room. This leaves the rest of the house to feel like the face of the sun, HOT! Needless to say all things that breath congregate in the living room (dubbed the Awesome Room) as much as possible. Because of the fact that there is limited space in the “Awesome Room” we try to keep the majority of the kid’s toys on the face of the sun.

Last night my son decided that he wanted to play with his trains in the “Awesome Room”. When asked if he could play with them I said yes he could. I then noticed that he wanted to play with ALL his trains (there are upward of 50 or so). I stopped him before he could maneuver the large box of trains from the playroom to the living room. “You can play with your trains, but you can’t bring the box into the living room.” Those are the words that were formed in my brain and came out of my mouth. “Ok Mommy.” Followed by a huge grin.

Two minutes later I hear what sounds like a waterfall of trains. I turn to look toward the doorway of the living room and see all the trains dumped over the threshold and onto the living room carpet. The box was still out in the hallway.

Next time I will form my words a little better.

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