Squash: The Sneaky Vegetable

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The dinner plates were on the table and my son was ready and waiting to start eating. His smile was so big as I set the plates of food on the table, he looked so happy to “finally” be able to eat! I smiled back at him and then turned to head back in the kitchen for the silver wear.  When I returned the summer squash from my son’s plate was gone, and a satisfied look was on his face. I couldn’t control myself, “Theo, you ate all your summer squash!”

“Mmhm, Mommy.”

“Wow! I’m so proud of you!”

After the joy mellowed out I noticed his eyes going back and forth between his plate and the donor’s. “Do you want more?”

“Umm, no Mommy.”

Giggle. “No more.” Giggle.

I look at the donor’s plate…….there on top of his summer squash were three pieces with finger prints in them. My son’s eyebrows then went up. Evidently my son’s belly has a direct path to the donor’s plate. Sneaky little bastard.

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