Something To Do, To Not Do….

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I always usually waste my time on Fridays. As in I don’t do a damn thing productive. Most of my time is spent writing a blog for the week, like now, and searching the world wide web for…..well….I’m not really 100% sure what I search for, but I do a damn good job at it! And this is how I have spent every Friday for the past 5 months. I like to keep things constant and regular, don’t judge me. Every Friday when I should have been doing things like….homework, studying, or even finishing the little plaques of forgein cars for the garage down the street. But no, instead I sat at my desk doing the exact same thing I am doing now. So why does this Friday feel so different? Why does this Friday make me feel guilty, like I should be doing ‘something’?

I finished my classes for the semester, heck, I’m graduating in 2 weeks! *does a happy dance* My last final was this morning at 8am. Aced it. I kick ass. I even decided to take another class starting in June so I can el-speak-o espag-nol. So today I have no homework that i ‘should’ be doing, I have no tests that I ‘should’ be studying for. All these past Fridays I have been putting off important things that will help me better myslef as a person. I have been a no good lazy bum. And now I sit here on a Friday afternoon, yet again, doing nothing but actually feeling guilty about it.

This makes no sense to me. It’s as if my brain wants to be up to no good, like I have to be doig something ‘wrong’. Why is this? I really should be enjoying my day of doing not much at all. I should be blogging. I should be slacking. I should be happy to slack off!!! So now I need suggestions of things I should be doing so I can not feel so bad about not having something I should be doing. Anyone?

One thought on “Something To Do, To Not Do….

  1. Well, it’s been soooo long since I have had a day of doing nothing, that I can’t suggest anything for you…but you have insired me to take a day and do nothing. Now, I just have to do it WITHOUT feeling guilty. The only way to do that is to go to a hotel where there are no choes for me to do, oh, and I can’t take my computer or I’ll find something to do….


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