Miya’s: A Sushi Orgasm

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Before meeting me BF had never had sushi. Tragic, I know. So being the good girlfriend that I am, I made sure to introduce him to it as soon as humanly possible. It took about a month. We had a night without smallish people and headed down to the local Japanese dining establishment. Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful inside, the food was delish, and the saki went down smooth. But as we sat there we couldn’t help but notice what appeared to be, dare I say…..prostitutes? Two very pretty Japanese woman draping themselves over several different ‘older’, ummmm, gentlemen dudes throughout the evening. When we got our check we were shocked to find out that we that we had just spent almost $200 to watch bad soft porn and eat sushi. Had it been a strip club we at least would have been able to take a peak at a nipple. So yeah, we decided to scratch that place off of our list.

His next encounter with sushi came from the local grocery store. As taboo as that is it really was the only way we could enjoy affordable sushi and watch decent porn at the same time. So I was shocked in May when suddenly my Twitter timeline blew up with retweets from BF for Miya’s Sushi , a small sushi establishment in downtown New Haven, CT, saying to retweet for a chance to win a gift certificate. *Two ‘bizarre and unusual’ things about this: 1. He didn’t really seem to ‘enjoy’ sushi the way one should. 2. He absolutely HATES downtown New Haven.* I was almost certain his Twitter account had been hacked. When I say blow up, I mean every other tweet was him and Miya’s. Every. Other. One.

The next day I get a call from BF, who was overly proud of himself, saying he had won the gift certificate. Had he not won I would have marched my ass down there and demanded one. “I won! I won a $30 gift certificate to Miya’s!!!” So finally BF’s Twitter obsession paid off. About a week later an envelope with said gift certificate arrived, but not for the $30 as BF had been expecting. No, it was actually for $50!!! Whoot whoot!!! I now love BF’s Twitter addiction. After our happy dance we stuck the gift certificate on the fridge and stated every weekend that we really should go check it out.

And so it went for over a month, saying we should go and never actually going. That was until yesterday when we finally took the initiative to brave down town New Haven at night. And boy was it worth it!!! As we walked through the door we were greated by an enthusiastic wait staff and a funky yet comfortable atmosphere. We liked it here already!

Our waiter immediately labeled us as virgins and wooed us into a state of bliss and hysterics. He explained the 50 page menu, for reals, and guided us to what can only be described as a sushi orgasm. We started off with original drinks, I had the Kama Sutra while BF had the shinjuku shimmy, and the Tokyo Fro which I wanted nothing more than to dive into the middle of this curried delight and bask in all its glory.

Tokyo Fro (aka our first orgasm)

Next up was the actual sushi! This is not your grandmother’s sushi, that’s for sure.  This is something much MUCH more! I ask you, who in the world puts things like cranberries, goat and brie cheese, and okra in sushi? The answer: Bun Lai, that’s who. Each roll takes a hold of your mouth and fills it elation that travels through your body and fills you will the same emotions you feel when experience an orgasm. I may or may not have actually looked at my sushi and whispered ‘I love you’ to it…..more than once.

Romping With Goats and The Italian Stallion

The Dancing Samurai

So there we were, sitting at a little corner table in the dim light experiencing sushi the way God intended it, with complete joy.




If you’re not sure just how much joy, I’ll say this: BF hates avocado…with a passion. But he enjoyed it as it danced with the samurai. (And wanted more)


Last night we laughed so hard our sides hurt and filled our bellies so well we were left without wanting at the end of the meal. This place was heaven on earth and we had finally become part of it.

Today, as we sat on the couch, we talked about how amazing our dinner had been and how we couldn’t wait to go back…..so that’s just what we did for lunch. This time the atmosphere was a bit more calmed down, and sadly our waitress couldn’t hold a candle to our waiter from last night. She was a bit melancholy and drab.  But the food remained amazing and we had the pleasure to watch Bun in action at the table next to us as he tried to get a very grumpy little girl to eat ‘delicately fried worms’ (aka Tokyo Fro, not really worms). So I say to you, oh great readers of this blog, if you live in the New Haven area get your asses down to Miya’s ASAP or be left in the shadows of this one of a kind dining experience. And to Bun, BF and I thank from the furthest reaches of our bellies and hearts. We will be back again and again to eat our fill and enjoy your amazingly unique twist on sushi. You are the only man who will ever be able to give me an orgasm and BF not get mad about it;)

The Immigrant, and yes, those are chilli peppers floating in there!

Some amazingly delish cocktails from lunch, and boy did they have spice! Yowzers!

Can't remember the name but it was created by Shane Feyers (a fellow prior Coastie)

2 thoughts on “Miya’s: A Sushi Orgasm

  1. I might actually be able to get Donna to eat sushi from that place. I read his whole philosophy on fusion & changing what sushi means. Like it. Love the sustainability factor as well.


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