Pheobe and Papa’s Anytime Cookies

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In 3 days my ‘baby’ brother who’s 6’2″ is getting married, coming to the dark side. In preperaton for this event there was the typical Bridal Shower for my future sister-in-law, Kiki. I wasn’t able to travel the wonderful 5 and a half hours to attend said event but I still got an invitation…..and so did Pheobe. Now, I’ve never had a ‘proper’ wedding anything. And yes, that includes the wedding. The donor and I eloped. We’ve actually spend more money for our divorce than our wedding. I’m guessing by the invitations for the Bridal Shower that one of the ‘usual’ things to do is have everyone bring recipe cards.

Good idea right? I thought so. So I sent along my Cucumber Gimlet recipe because every married woman knows that it takes a lot of booze to stay married. But seriously, wtf kind of recipe is a 2 year old suposed come up with? Yes, she makes the best imaginary ice cream this side of the Mason Dixon Line as well as one hell of a mess in the house, but as for something recipe card worthy……that was a whole different story! Then my mother came up with a great idea.

Every time the Annex ventures to Maine to visit Nani and Papa cookies become the staple food for Pheobe and Papa. Cookies for breakfast. Cookies for a morning snack. Cookies for lunch. Cookies for just about any time during the day that may or may not require the consumption of food. So that was it. Pheobe needed to give Kiki her recipe for the cookies that she and Papa enjoy so readily when we are in Maine. So here it is for any of you who wish to endulge in “Pheobe and Papa’s Anytime Cookies”.

1. One Full Sized Pick Up Truck

2. One Papa (with wallet)

3. $4 (or less depending on taste)

4. One ‘Out Of Season’ Cookie Jar



1. Go through Papa’s wallet and find $4

2. Load Papa into the driver’s side of the pick up truck with the $4 still in his wallet.

3. Drive to the nearest grocery store or small market. For best results, have him drive at a medium to slow speed the entire way.

4. Once at the grocery store, point Papa in the direction of the cookie isle (usually the same isle as crackers).

5. *the secret ingredient* Find the cheapest cookies available. It is best to buy these around Christmas time and stock up for future use.

6. Purchase said cookies.

7. Load Papa back into the driver’s side of the pick up truck.

8. Head back home, again at a medium to slow speed.

9. Once home, pour cookies into the ‘Out Of Season’ cookie jar.

10. Sit at table with Papa. Dig in and enjoy! (Sometimes a glass of milk is a tastey addition)

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