Good Things To Come

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Yet another year is coming to an end. I wish I could sit here and reflect back with deep insight on everything that has happened and everything I want to accomplish next year…but as you all know, that’s not really my cup of tea unless I’ve just been heart broken and left for dead. Instead I’ve decided to tell you all the ‘important’ details of the past year. You know, things like accomplishments even if they suck and overall feats of motherhood.

Somehow in the past year I have managed to graduate from community college not once, but twice. Leaving me now unemployable because I am suddenly over qualified for all the positions I applied to last year that required at least a 2 year degree. Evidently I failed to read the small print because I was without a college education at the time that said you only need one 2 year degree…not 2.

By some stroke of momentary fleeting genius I was able to get Theo registered and enrolled in kindergarten. Even after the mental toll all the damn paper work took on my brain and a stupid hurricane coming through knocking out my power for a week I was able to remember the when the first day of school was thanks to the daily automated calls from the school with hurricane updates AND get him on the bus in time! I did, however, forget to pack his towel for rest time and half his school supplies that first day. But at least he got to school on time!

I have resisted the urge to buy a Forever Lazy. Call me old fashion but I’m a Snuggie girl all the way. My kids constantly want to be in this thing with me. No, they do not one of their own…I’ve asked and the answer is no. As most parents know, its always more fun if they get to use whatever you’re using while you’re using it. So there’s me, on the couch, with 2 little people trying to fit into my Snuggie with me. Go ahead and try that Forever lazy owners! I guarantee I’d end up looking like a big fuzzy clown car walking around my house.

I kept the interior of my house in a constant state of chaos and mess. That’s right, I’ve barely cleaned all year! The past 2 years actually. My sink is almost always full, my toilet may or may not have a beard, the laundry pile at the end of the couch keeps eating the cats, a fossil has formed in the bottom of my oven, my kids think the boogy man lives under the refrigerator, I accidentally tried to feed a dust bunny thinking it was a cat on several occasions, the beds get made once a month if they’re lucky, and athletes foot is scared of my bathtub. So there you have it, maybe its not as dirty as I think it is but the clutter sure is taking over. Hoarders here I come!

My divorce finally went through! It only took 15 months. I am no longer married to an Italian or Greek, whichever he decides to be for that day. His new girlfriend now gets to put up with the crazy making, the sleeping, the sweaty feet, and excess of everything known to man. As my BF now gets to put up with the hormones, the crying, the nagging, and my overall bizarre behavoir all the wonderment that is Brandi. It’s pretty much a win win for everyone involved.

I haven’t eaten either of my children yet. Although I did stop myself several times standing over them with a bottle of hot sauce and a fork. Thankfully for them, they have these huge brown eyes that beg for mercy every time and I resist. Hopefully my soft heart will continue into next year, and they will once again be spared.

And there you have it, my accomplishments and overall feats of motherhood from the past year. Despite ending the year unemployed and broke, I’d say I did pretty well for myself. Hopefully next year will bring me a job, my kids food in their bellies, and a continued road to where BF and I ultimately want to be. It all goes by one step at a time with the occasional leap into the unknown, but good things are soon to come in 2012. I can feel it…that also might be the vodka tonic talking, but I’m gonna go with good things for now. At least until tomorrow when my hangover kicks in.

One thought on “Good Things To Come

  1. Not eating your children is a huge accomplishment, Brandi!

    I loved the rundown . . . truly . . . and I just have a hunch that 2012 might have some good action for you. Or at least a hamburger.


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