Daddy Runs a Lot……Naked?

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I’ve never had someone come over here to Mommy Undressed and guest post…so I’m super excited that The Adventures of Daddy Runs a Lot (aka John or @daddyrunsalot ) is popping my cherry! *giggle* I absolutely love his style of writing and always enjoys what he has to say over here on my modest blog. Sad to say though that I don’t comment nearly as much over on his blog as he does here, but I do get overly excited when I see he has put up a new post. When I asked him last week if he would guest post I felt like a little school girl asking the cute boy at school if he would sit next to me at lunch. I was actually afraid he’d say no. So when he said yes, I almost drop my laptop. So without further ado *drum roll* ………I present to you…….. *cue trumpets* the ‘naked’ side of Daddy Runs a Lot! *aplause*



That I follow someone with the twitter handle of @mommyundressed is probably not a shock to anyone. It’s well-known that I have a great . . . well, let’s call it “an appreciation” of the female form. And as we all know that Al Gore invented the Internet as a means so that we can all see each other naked before ever possibly meeting in real life, so a woman who has birthed children, who tweets naked is right up my alley.


But, here’s the thing. Brandi doesn’t post pictures of her jubblies her nude self all over the place . . . no, her brand of “undressed” is one we call can relate to. Sure, we all know how she came upon her handle — and how it might stem from a very real “she wasn’t wearing any clothes” time in her life, but that’s inconsequential. Besides, she doesn’t post nude pictures here — not that I’ve checked or anything.


I’d argue, in this modern day & age, that writing about yourself, honestly, leaves you more-naked (is there such a thing?) than being caught wallpapering city hall with pictures of you in your birthday suit, while wearing your birthday suit, while loudly reciting love poetry that you wrote in the 7th grade1. If you turn the corner, there is always someone willing to show a little skin. But, with the Internet, we have a ginormous mask, should we chose to wear it. Give me an hour and I can create a character and have you convinced that I am midget who, despite Switzerland’s stance of religious tolerance, sought asylum for religious reasons in Mexico, where I became a wrestler and then hopped the border, but after losing a steel cage match, started working as a circus clown and porn producer in Utah.

Unless you actually see me typing, and realize that I don’t speak German or French or Italian Belgian or Spanish well, you’d really have a hard time proving that I’m not who I say I am.


Purple is the new black2. 40 is the new 30. An honest blog is the new naked.

I think that makes me an online nudist . . . and not just on #nopantsfridays.


So, even without nekkid pictures about, I love coming over to this blog, because it’s a place where honesty abounds. It’s not always happy honesty . . . sometimes it’s brutal. But, it’s heart-felt.

So, I guess it’s time that I go the full monty myself . . .

I know I’m not the husband that I want to be. I’m sure I could be a better father. I’d rather spend my day writing or playing or goofing off than working, and I have no idea what that means. I have projects, really important & personal stuff, that I just can’t seem to finish — and I worry about what that failure means. I fear that I’m walking the road to alcoholism. I’ve had to force a smile more often than not at times in my life – and I wonder if there will be a point where I don’t even remember what it’s like to not have to fake a smile. I hold onto past events and overanalyze them until a single event is a series of massive failures of my past — and that’s when I’m thinking back on a GOOD memory.

Along the same line, though – I am loved. I know I elicit smiles from two little snots who don’t know how to fake a smile (though they both know, quite well, how to fake a tear). I love to give more than that I want to receive. I can find beauty in most any situation.

And there you have it. Now stop staring, unless you’re gonna do something that that tongue that’s wagging out of your mouth.

1 I just redefined your nightmares, didn’t it?
2 I have no idea what that means, by the way.

12 thoughts on “Daddy Runs a Lot……Naked?

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  2. John! This is a wonderful piece! I know what it’s like to get all exposed and nekkid in the blogging world myself. I’ve put myself out there for criticism, I took it, and tried to see the hurt person behind it. But it leaves scars. Being naked leaves scars.

    But yes…we are loved. Scars and all.


    • But its the scars that help us grow and learn. I wouldn’t trade my scars for anything. That’s why I’m forever willing to lay it all out there, the good….and the bad.


  3. I love this piece for several reasons. The first being that you introduced me to Brandi, and for that I thank you. Secondly, you mentioned jubblies. Lastly, you exposed parts of yourself that are similar to my own. I worry too. About the fact that I hate my job, need the money, and yeah, fake smiles. Also? I would totally read a blog written by a midget pornographer.


  4. n that case, my blog is my x-ray.

    Brandi, you couldn;t have picked better virginity loss for a guest poster. John’s great and has awesome sense of humor. I enjoyed this.


  5. I LOVE how you wrote this post. It explains what you do so very, very well. You do make yourself vulnerable to us, and we love you more for it. I always walk away from your posts having learned something – not just about you (and not just about zombies). I’m also going to have to come back and check Brandi out!


  6. Naked is good.
    Naked is hard.
    Naked is embarrassing.
    Naked is freeing.

    Thanks for bringing me here, John. And thanks to Brandi for encouraging us all to be undressed, vulnerable, raw, real.

    Congratulations on the cherry-popping all around…


  7. I love John’s blog and his #inappropriatechurchtweets every Sunday on Twitter always make me laugh something fierce.

    Happy to see him over here talking about getting naked. 😉


  8. new to both MommyUndressed and DadyRunsALot – glad I stopped by, this was a great post, and I can definitely relate in some areas. Looks like you both have a new reader/follower 🙂


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