The Truth Is……

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The truth is,

I don’t like folding all this laundry.

The truth is,

I don’t like cleaning my house to  someone else’s ‘standards’.

The truth is,

I don’t like doing the dishes after every meal.

The truth is,

I hate owning things that are brand new.

The truth is,

I miss how I was 6 years ago.

The truth is,

I hate keeping my mouth shut.

But what it all boils down to…..

The truth is,

I hate wrinkled clothes. Mainly because I hate ironing.

The truth is,

I know that this has become ‘our’ house, and I wouldn’t give that up for the world.

The truth is,

With, up to 6 people, every night….dishes are not a choice, but a necessity or else the sugar ants will carry away my dishes.

The truth is,

I fully understand the fact that my kids are going to destroy things. Why pay for new when it is going to be destroyed? And I prefer vintage.

The truth is,

I am a better person than I was 6 years ago and I love me for that,

The truth is,

……well……I’ll always hate keeping my mouth shut, Oh well, this old dog has learned its tricks…..someone pass me a beer!

One thought on “The Truth Is……

  1. I big puffy ❤ this, Brandi.

    I hate putting clothes away . . . because then I have to try harder to find them.

    I hate ironing so much that almost everything I buy is wrinkle-free, and if it's not, I dry clean it.

    And "our house" beats "my house" any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.


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