I Am A Mom Doing The Best I can Do

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At 18 I went to college…..I hated it.

At 19 I tried it again…..still hated it. I just wasn’t ready.

At 20 I looked into joining the military.

At 21 I was shipped out to Coast Guard basic training.

At 26 I got knocked up…and yes, I’m choosing my words carefully.

At 27 I decided to leave the military service which formed me into the woman I am today to take better care of my family.

At 28 I married the father of my son and became a stay-at-home-mom.

At 29 I gave birth to my daughter, aka the cause of my grey hair.

At 30 I decided to give college another shot so that one day I could provide for my family better.

At 31 I divorced the father of my kids, but continued my schooling and graduated with an associates in general studies.

At 32 I received my second AS in Liberal Arts.

At just shy of 33 I have a steady job with amazing benefits and decent pay. I may not have a solid future in the exact location I am in, but it is a great starting point to reach a future management position wherever I end up.

Shortly after my 33rd birthday I will be applying to schools to get my bachelors degree.

At 34 I will be starting my masters degree, hopefully at a local ivy league school.

At 35 I will have 2 associates, 1 bachelors, and a masters degree, along with a management position in an office with potential for even more growth.

I may not have achieved everything I wanted to by my mid-20’s but I did serve my country, raise my family, put food on our plates, and a roof over our heads. People may call me hillbilly and white trash but I’ve achieved more in the past 10 years with far less than they’ve had in a year. So go ahead and shoot your zings at me and call me a dirty hippy, but my family eats healthy, has learned to garden, shows compassion, and knows the difference between right and wrong. My kids have survived divorce without so much as scar because I keep the lines of communication open with them and they have no idea what really happened to mommy and daddy.

So while those who look down on me continue on with their comments, run away from their problems, and blame others for their misfortune, I will be over here constantly evolving and teaching my kids the value of love, a dollar, and hard work.

I am a mom doing the best I can do.


14 thoughts on “I Am A Mom Doing The Best I can Do

  1. You are a strong, sassy, brassy, sexy, hard-working mom who has been through more than the average person. And you have a great, hard-working guy who loves you and the kids as if they were his own. Anyone who says anything otherwise is full of it. Let them throw their arrows. They are the ones who are poorer in kind, body, and spirit. Love ya, Brandi…don’t change a thing!


  2. Oh I love it! Remember, when people try and tear you down, it’s because they are jealous jerk faces. You’re a strong, independent, beautiful woman. AND a great mom. Sounds perfect to me 😉


  3. I’d say that you’re doing far better than most anyone else — you’re an exceptional person, Brandi I’m so sorry you have to deal with people who are negative . . . but, well, I can’t see what they’re seeing, and fuck them with a wooden spoon.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, because you’re doing things right.


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