A Little Preview of What’s to Come

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It’s been a while since I last blogged. A long while. It’s not for not having anything to blog about. There are plenty of things to blog about when you’re a parent. I have an endless library of stories to tell people filed away in my brain library. At any given time I can rattle off a story of Pheobe claiming, explaining, and demonstrating how she has 3 butts. Or how Theo is convinced he’s going to swallow his newest loose tooth while sleeping despite my constant attempt at easing his mind by telling him if he does, we can search his poop if we have to. hey now, desperate times call for desperate measures. I could tell you about how the daycare probably thinks I’m a horrible mom because I usually end up in hysterics when they call to tell me one or the other has a new black eye or a splinter.

I could tell you about BF and I finally cut the support boards for our double box springs thus resulting in making se next to impossible due to the deafening noises coming from the now non sagging yet noisy bed frame with the $3 yard sale sticker still on it. Or maybe something about my inability to actually finish and follow through on just about every aspect of my life including weight loss and electric bills.

This morning I even had the inevitable instance where I discovered Pheobe had used her sticky fingers for bad rather than good when I found a scared little herd of plastic daycare animals in the bottom of her nap bag. My child. My evil dear precious child, had *gasp* stolen something other than her brother’s pack of gum.

So as I said, I’m at no lack of stories to over-share with tell you. I’ve just been…well…busy. So let this be a preview of what’s to come for all you who have been waiting anxiously for the next installment of Mommy Undressed. The best is yet to come my friends. I promise. Mommy is about to drop it like its hot…or something like that.

2 thoughts on “A Little Preview of What’s to Come

  1. Oh, Brandi — I have missed you & your voice . . . glad to have you back. I was *beyond certain* that you had no shortage of anecdotes to share with the class 🙂


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