Being a Mom Means…

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Being a mom means:

Being a Lego master and a fortune-teller.

A doctor and a wash maid.

A Mario expert and a cab driver.

A story-teller and a magician.

A human tissue and a dance party dj.

Being a mom means:

Staying up late on ‘date night’ only to get  up before the sun for couch cuddles.

Learning how to make pasta with butter 6 different ways to stimulate your senses but trick your kids.

Remembering to bathe your eczema ridden child BEFORE she starts to smell.

Making the grey areas come as close to black or white for your linear child.

Removing the make-up from your purse to make room for crayons.

Being a mom means:

Having sex in the bathroom because the bedroom is too obvious.

Having a locked box for your sex toys and porn.

Being able to make any sex position look like “mommy is just stretching”.

Putting an all new meaning to the term ‘quickie’.

Being a mom means:

Nighttime kisses.


Morning snuggles.

After school hugs.

Couch cuddles.

I love you’s.

Being a mom means:

Watching what you thought were your best years fade into what you know are going to be your best years.

Loving little people with your heart and soul as they become big people.

Being you and letting them be them.

Hoping you are doing as good of a job as your mother did.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow mothers and mothers-to-be. Hug your children every day because it’s the best gift you could ever give each other.

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