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I blog, duh, and when I do so I may or may not……um……..elaborate tell it like it is. I’m not saying I lie I hate liars , I’m saying I play up certain aspects to get my point across.

For example, I don’t really want to EAT my kids, but I do get frustrated enough that I wish there were another way to get out of the situation at hand. You have to admit that eating your children would be a super easy way out…..all you need is a bbq and some hot sauce.

I love blogging about parenting as much as a single woman loves shopping for designer handbags but I sometimes wish I had started blogging back when I was in the military. Oh the stories I could tell! Granted, most would be about odd and unusual sexual encounters and drunken port calls. I feel my ridiculous expressive use of words would give the common folk average man a humorous look into the military life.

With this being said, I cannot contain my enthusiasm about this new show on television about the ridiculous everyday goings ons of military life. In short, if I were a blogger back when I was an in-shape-bad-ass-chick in the military, I would have written the script for this show.

In short aside from all the hotness in uniform frolicking across my television screen I heart this show like a little boy loves his first Playboy magazine.

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