Chocolate Ecstasy

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I need chocolate, honest to go god chocolate.



Melts in your mouth.

Chocolate that causes your tongue to have an orgasm.

Chocolate that dreams are made of.

Chocolate sent from the gods.

I want a smooth square to pass through my lips as I breath deeply and close my eyes.

I want the wave of bliss to take over my body and make it tingle.

I want to moan as it touches the back of my throat.

I need the excitement of the first bite.

The first taste.

The first moment of ecstasy.

Leave me……….panting.

Leave me……….breathless.

Leave me wanting MORE!




But in all honesty, if someone doesn’t give me chocolate soon and possibly a pound of bacon this bitch is going to lose her shit. PMS has taken hold and it’s not letting go! Gimme, gimme, gimme, or someone is gonna get it, get it, get it.

One thought on “Chocolate Ecstasy

  1. Yuck, chocolate. Yuck yuck yuck. Had I had any chocolate on me, I’d gladly give it to you.

    I have a pound of bacon, though — that may have plans for my “no kids, no wife” breakfast tomorrow. Coffee & a pound of bacon & no pants.


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