I Missed Your Taste On My Lips

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I  missed your taste on my lips.

The way you sweetly touched my tongue.

Your roughness on my finger tips makes me tingle as I close my eyes.

I can feel you go through me.



Your warmth fills me.

My mouth is on fire as I take you in again.



Give me more!

When you were gone, I dreamed about you.

I saw you when I closed my eyes.

I’ve longed for this moment for so long.

I want to saver every inch of you  touch.

I want this moment to last forever.



Where are you going?

Please don’t leave me all alone again, I can’t take it.

My dear sweet jalapeno pepper combos, you always leave too soon.


One thought on “I Missed Your Taste On My Lips

  1. The other day, my kids basically took a snack food tour of the world. Somehow, I managed to avoid everything they were eating (tortilla chips, then Doritos, then fruit snacks, then Cheetos, then Fritos, then Smartfood popcorn, then Popsicles, then regular popcorn, then pretzels, then potato chips). I believe it’s a big part of why I’m as grumpy as I am, today.

    You are not helping with my mood, missy :-p


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