That Is Definitely NOT A Garden Shed!

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The morning commute in my car is never short of interesting. Especially when it so accurately details the different ways my kids’ brains work.

Theo: Look!!!

Pheobe: *GASP* A garden shed!!!

Theo: No, it’s a hawk! Look!

Pheobe: Yeah…no. I’m pretty sure it’s a garden shed. It’s a little house…in a garden…soooo…it’s a garden shed.

Theo: Pheobe! *angrily* Look up! On the wire! It’s a hawk!

Pheobe: Oh! Yeah, that is definitely NOT a garden shed.

It’s conversations like this that caused my son to look at me the other day and say, “You know mommy, sometimes I don’t really like Pheobe. When I don’t like her I think it would be better to just go sleep outside where it is quite.”

My response, “Theo, honey. A lot of us feel that way, but remember, she lives in Pheobe Land and we are all just visiting.”

Pheobe Zen

One thought on “That Is Definitely NOT A Garden Shed!

  1. As you know, CJ, when referencing his sister as he learned to talk, called her “La”. And we picked up on that — oftentimes, in a crowd, calling her, simply “La” and then fielding odd looks from passersby.

    But the nickname works — because, well, she lives, often, in her own Lalaland. The other night, she was playing with some dolls & CJ tried to figure out what she was doing — only the world she had concocted was far too ornate a world around which CJ could even begin to wrap his mind. He got mad. She continued playing.

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