Today, I am loved.

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Today someone told me they loved me.

Today someone told me I was brave.

Today someone told me they admired my honesty.

Today someone told me it was ok that I fuck up.

Today someone made a difference in my life because I was ready to curl up into a hole and accept defeat. This person didn’t have to tell me these things. I don’t even see this person on a daily basis. Yet they felt the need to reach out, and remind me that I am loved, brave, honest, and not a complete fuck up.

All too often we find ourselves in a state of defeat because our everyday doesn’t remind us how wonderful we are. Our every day doesn’t stop to tell us how much we’re loved. How beautiful we are. How we make a difference every day, no matter how large or small that difference is.

It is easy to feel like our everyday doesn’t care, that it wouldn’t matter if they saw us or not. This is why I am asking you all to do one thing for me, when you see your everyday, tell them how wonderful they are. Reach out and touch their face. Wrap your arms around the. Whisper all the reasons you love them, because tomorrow your everyday might not be there anymore. Today is the day to make sure you don’t lose your everyday.



4 thoughts on “Today, I am loved.

  1. So true Brandi, Vietnam taught us that to a “T”. Hug your love while you have them, every day, especially on bad days. You are very special person, both Sue and I love you and regret that we do not see more of you. Please accept this as thug from us and hug the kids for us please.

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